Why Play Golf?

Are you looking for a sport that fits your laid-back lifestyle without losing the thrill of an adrenaline rush? Forget bungee jumping or jogging. Choose golf instead, a sport that comes with many benefits and perks. Think it’s not exercise enough? Think again. Golf stimulates the body while inspiring passion and even addiction.

If gold is your game or something you would like to try, then look no further. The Clarion Suites St. George golf packages are unmatched in all of Utah. Our golf courses will not only inspire you to get your swing on, but will bring you back to nature as well. Golf is a tranquil activity and you are sure to find your zone here in our wide expanse of beautifully green golf courses.


Golf has many underrated benefits. When playing golf, you enjoy the sun and fresh air. You are filled with life while you performing your swing. You revitalize your muscular flexibility as you walk, spin, turn and bend innumerable times at your every play. Golf is a cure for stress. With the tranquility of your surrounding and the focus you put in your every swing, you are sure to forget your worries.

Cure for stress

Our regular golfers say that even just a few hours of golf feel like mini-holidays. They let go of their baggage and stress and lose themselves in the rolling hills and fields of our golf courses, unmatched and unlike any other in St. George, Utah. The sport allows you to make a world of your own with friends and family.


Like other sports, golf is competitive. It makes you want to learn more so you can get better at it. The whole thing often ends up becoming your own personal challenge. Golf can get difficult in higher levels, so there is always room for improvement. It gets addictive because it is one of the rare sports you can start as a child and continue playing well into your golden years.

Golf is a socialization sport; you mingle while you swing. After a session of 18 holes, it’s nice to relax with a glass of wine while you admire the sunset. The golf courses here at St. George not only make a perfect venue for golf, but is perfect for scenic admiration as well.

Experience the joys of golfing and the beauty of our golf fields today. Get in touch with us and let’s get started on helping you falling in love with the sport!