Vacation Checklist: 4 Things You Shouldn't Forget

Everyone’s bound to take a vacation every once in a while. After all, we all deserve a break. Traveling and vacation trips are thrilling, but they also depend on multiple details. You can’t just go on a trip unprepared. Overlooking the basics leads to hassles and frustration, ruining the joy of our vacations.

For a stress-free trip, preparation is essential, especially when it comes to the contents of your luggage. Apart from bringing enough clothes and personal effects, your bag should contain all the things you’ll need for a vacation minus the worries.

Before you hop on your flight or envision the best breakfast in St. George, Utah, create a checklist of vacation essentials. Your luggage should contain the following:

First aid kit

You never know what to expect with vacation activities. Relaxation and having fun is best enjoyed when you’re in good health. You should pack a first aid kit complete with the essentials.

Your kit should contain pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, Band-Aids and medicine for cramps. Don’t forget to pack sunburn cream for swimming trips and bug repellants for lazy night relaxations. Keep your first aid kit inside your luggage or hand-carry for convenience.

Slippers and sandals

Most of us think sandals and slippers are only essential during beach trips. If you think you would never need slippers for traveling vacations, think again. Vacations sometimes involve walking and driving trips. Your feet will need the rest. After a long walk, you wouldn’t want to cram your feet inside your shoes just to order a box of pizza.

Pack a pair of slippers in your luggage. Pick slippers made from rubber for easy drying and packing.


How can you tell your friends about the beautiful sceneries in Utah without photographic proof? We all want our trips to be memorable. In fact, we’re excited to post every aspect of our trip on Facebook.

Make your trip unforgettable by documenting it with your camera. While today’s mobile phones have improved cameras, nothing beats the quality of digital cameras and DSLRs. Bring extra SD cards and batteries, if necessary.

Extra luggage

Vacations equate to souvenirs and other purchases. Instead of carrying excess plastic bags around, place them inside an extra bag. With an extra bag, you won’t have to limit your buying.

Avoid frustrations by packing everything that you need. Enjoy the nature trips and the best breakfast in St. George by packing your luggage with the essentials.