Training for the St. George Marathon

For anyone who has ever experienced muscle cramps, you know how painful they are. They come as a result of contracting muscles. It is mostly experienced by athletes and is observed and signaled by a sudden stop due to excruciating pain. Many people come to stay in St. George for the many competitive races we have. From the Ironman, to the St. George Marathon, all of these things must be trained for in advance.

Doctors have been searching for the causes of muscle cramps for a long time, but have never come up with a conclusive answer. Modern theories suggest that it is a result of excessive heat, muscle fatigue, inadequate training, loss of minerals and electrolytes, dehydration and poor methods of stretching. While these are just theories, it is evident that any (or all) of these could be the cause of muscle cramps.

Experts say that there is a greater chance of getting muscle cramps in later stages of a race. This is mainly due to overexertion or the dwindling levels of sodium and potassium recorded in the blood. Also, cramps can come as a result of high levels of lactic acid present in the cells when the mileage ran in the race continues to increase. Other reasons for cramps can be due to age, years spent running and body weight.

Marathoners are prone to muscle cramps due to their treacherous training. Therefore, if you are a marathoner and would like to avoid getting muscle cramps, do not overwork yourself. Train as per the normal training routine you have developed and use it daily. Then, never forget to stretch before and after you train and on the day when you race. Focus mostly on the muscles that commonly or are likely to get cramps. Eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, and drink enough water or Gatorade to avoid dehydration and also replenish the lost energy supplements. This will ensure that you have the right amount of energy to run. Get into the right pace when running and do not cross your limitations.

Muscle cramps are very devastating as they can make an athlete lose their chance to win a big race or game, and even lose their self-esteem. Work out in the right way and do all that is necessary to avoid these muscle cramps and your life as an athlete will be smooth. That way, when you come to southern Utah to compete in the St. George Marathon, you’ll be at the top of your game.