Top Travel Apps for a Pain-Free Trip

Many of us have smartphones, but many of us forget about the convenience that an app can provide, especially for travel. Here is a list of a few apps that can make traveling simpler. You might want to think about downloading some of these before your next trip! 

Gas Buddy (Free)

Chances are that when you are vacationing in St. George, you will be using a car a lot. Keep gas expenses down with Gas Buddy. This app will help you find the least expensive gas near you. Not only will you find the cheapest gas, but you will never have to drive around looking for a gas station again! 

Facebook Messenger (Free)

We know what you are thinking: "Why Facebook Messenger?" Facebook Messenger can help you stay in touch with your friends and family back home while avoiding data roaming and long distance call fees. Simply log in with your Facebook account information, and connect with your friends over Wi-Fi, for free! The app allows you to message, call and video call to other Facebook friends, giving you lots of different options for keeping in touch! 

TripIt (Free)

Finally, a way to stay organized while traveling! We've all been there. It's the night before a trip, and you are searching through your email trying to find your hotel information or flight confirmation. Avoid this by downloading TripIt. Whenever you receive an email confirmation about your trip, forward it to TripIt, and all of your information will be in one app. TripIt will organize the information for you into calendars and maps, creating a one-of-a-kind itinerary, personalized just for your trip!

Pack Point (Free)

Packing is a hassle for a lot of people. Many end up over-packing, or being stuck with clothes that don't fit the weather or the occasion. Pack Point will make packing a breeze. This app lets you make a (very) customized packing list. It takes into account gender, weather, time of year, activities, and the duration of your trip. It also helps you decide what type of clothes you should bring for a business trip versus a leisure trip. And don't forget toiletries! Pack Point can help you to decide which electronics, accessories and shoes to take with you, as well. Use this app and never end up with too many or too little clothes again! 

Amazon Instant Video (Free)

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you should get this app! It lets you download TV shows and movies straight to your phone or tablet, and allows you to watch it wherever you go! This app is great if you are traveling with kids and need something to keep them occupied during a long car ride.

Snapchat (Free)

Snapchat lets you document your trip throughout the whole day, in real time! Just post pictures and short videos to your "snap story" and let your Snapchat friends enjoy it! It is a great way to post lots of pictures and videos without taking up a person's newsfeed. Just remember to save the photos and videos to your phone before your snap story is up, or else you'll lose them!

Yelp (Free)

This app doesn't only apply at home. If you are looking to find a place to eat or something to do in the area that you are traveling, then this is the app for you! Read reviews and see photos of locations near you, and decide where you want to go! The app offers contact information for businesses, and even more easy-to-use tools.

Uber (Free)

Even if you aren't traveling with a car, there is no need to worry! You can still get to where you need to go with Uber. Just simply set a pickup location, find out how quickly a driver can be there and watch them come to you. You don't have to carry cash on you, either, because Uber will ask you to connect your debit or credit card, and will enable automatic online payments.

Roadtrippers (Free)

If you are traveling to St. George by car, then Roadtrippers will help you along the way. It will help you find attractions and locations that locals go to while you are on the way to your final destination. This app is great for stateside travel!

Instagram (Free)

Everyone loves to share photos from their trips with family and friends. If you want to share photos that have a little more longevity than Snapchat, use Instagram. Instagram will let you share photos straight from your phone, and allows you to edit them straight in the app. Just don't post too often!

Google Maps (Free)

This may be an obvious choice, but use Google Maps to make sure that you never get lost! Find out traffic patterns, accident information and more on this app. You can also find nearby restaurants and sights, making this a must-have app. Another good thing about Google Maps? It operates in over 200 countries, so almost anywhere you go, you can be sure that this app will have your back.

Now that you know which apps to download, hopefully you can have a pain-free trip! Read this article to find even more travel apps!