Tips for Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with young children can add an extra layer of difficulty to your trip, but with these eight tips, you can make it much less of an ordeal:

Slow it down

There’s a lot of time pressure when traveling: we have to get to the airport by this time, we need to have a taxi by this time to make it here by this time, etc. When scheduling your trip, don’t forget to account for the fact that your toddler doesn’t care about meeting deadlines. Make sure to leave some wiggle room in case they decide to dawdle or have a fit.

Let go of spontaneity

When traveling without young children, having a little spontaneity in your travel plans is great. But with children, it can be a problem. It’s better to be safe and book ahead than to have hungry, tired children on your case and nowhere to stay.

Keep them interested with a camera

Your young child may not see the value in all of the sightseeing you do, but if you get them a child-friendly camera, it becomes a whole different situation. With a camera, they will be more inclined to care about and observe their surroundings, finding particular things that interest them and staying content and entertained for longer periods of time.

Dress them for success

It’s very important that you bring clothes for your toddler that suit the climate and your activities. Being dressed in the right type of gear for skiing or the beach or a nature walk will mean all the difference in keeping them content and whine-free.

Pack apps

If you bring a device equipped with lots of kid-friendly apps you won’t have to cram quite so many toys into your luggage to keep your child happy on long plane rides or other boredom-inducing moments.

Invest in a child locator

Instead of getting a backpack with a leash to keep your child from getting lost, invest in a child locator. Toddlers often don’t enjoy being on a leash and can get fed up with the situation very quickly. With a locator, you simply put a small unit somewhere on your child’s clothing, a shoe or belt maybe, and then keep a transmitter device with you that can set off the alarm on the child’s device. If you lose sight of them, just follow the sound.


Getting sick is no fun for anyone while on vacation. Make sure to equip yourself and your family with hand sanitizer throughout your trip to avoid germs and sickness.

Stock up on medicine

But even if you’re prepared with hand sanitizer, you may not always escape sickness or pains. Be sure to bring a variety of medicines, including easy-to-swallow, kid-friendly types to help soothe any irritations that may arise.

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