Surviving the Winter Cold

The warm weather will be back before we know it, but for those looking to get back outside now, St. George, Utah is a perfect destination. With an average high of 59 in the month of February, there is certainly no reason not to visit. And with numerous outdoor recreational options to choose from, you are sure to enjoy your vacation. Consider the following outdoor activities during your stay in St. George this winter.


With plenty of great trails and lots of open road, St. George is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most popular places for road cycling and mountain biking. Combine that with its year-round access, great scenery and amazing views, and you will understand why it is the perfect destination for cyclists. Some of the most popular mountain biking trails in the area include Hurricane Cliffs, Gooseberry Mesa, Santa Clara River Reserve, Bearclaw Poppy, Green Valley Loop and Little Creek. There are also dozens of other mountain and road trails available to those interested in cycling in the St. George area.

Note: During winter months, you may want to wear leather gloves and a face mask, depending on the outside temperature and what time of day you will be cycling.


For those who don’t know about pickleball, it’s time that you were introduced. The game is a mixture of tennis, badminton and pingpong, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, boasting nearly 2.5 million active players. The sport was created in 1965 when three men used a combination of miscellaneous sports equipment to invent the game in an attempt to entertain their children. It has since grown to become a popular activity for many. Conveniently, St. George and nearby Washington City house dozens of pickleball courts that are open for public use. And for those hoping to learn the basics of the game, there are inexpensive pickleball clinics available as well.


Because of the wide variety of courses to choose from, St. George is a prime destination for anybody who is interested in golf. Popular courses include SunRiver, Sand Hollow, Dixie Red Hills, Sunbrook and others. Because golf has many benefits, it is always a great option as you consider how to spend your time outdoors. And with great packages available through our hotel, you are sure to get the most for your money. For more information about our golf deals, visit our page or call our golf package specialist at 877-533-8822.