Stay Healthy and Fit, Even When You Are Away

Vacations should be fun and relaxing for everyone, but when you are trying to stay fit, a vacation can derail your efforts. However, you don't have to give up your healthy habits when you go on vacation! Here are some ways you can watch what you eat and stay active, while away from home. 

If you can walk, do it!

If the difference is a five minute car ride versus a half hour walk, ditch the car ride. The great thing about vacations is that for the most part, you aren't on a time constraint. Bonus points if you bring a pedometer with you and track how much you walk! If you can, try to walk about 10,000 steps daily, which would be about five miles. 

Be smart at continental breakfasts

Continental breakfasts can be dangerous when you are trying to stay healthy. Don't take some of everything just because you can. This is especially important to remember when you are dealing with a continental breakfast or other types of buffet. It is easy to fill up on muffins, bacon, waffles, and pastries because they are right in front of you. More than often, however, hotel continental breakfasts will offer healthy options, such as fruit, yogurt, egg whites, and whole grain toast, in addition to their other high-fat and high-sugar offerings. Another thing to remember is to not eat until you're absolutely full; stop before that point. And try not to get up for seconds, unless it's for something healthy like fruit. 

Take advantage of outdoor activities 

In St. George, this is pretty easy. In general, outdoor activities such as hiking and biking require you to move more than indoor activities. The area is full of fun hikes, bike trails and golf courses, so go out and get active. Zion is also a very close destination full of active vacation activities. Not too fond of the outdoors? Some indoor activities can help you stay healthy, too. Museums, for example, are a great option because they require you to walk around. And who couldn't stroll around a museum for hours? Whatever it is, find an activity that will keep you moving, indoors or outdoors.

Pack healthy snacks

Try to pack healthy snacks before you leave home, or seek out healthy snacks at a grocery or convenience store at your destination. It's a lot better than looking for a vending machine or fast food restaurant that only offers high-calorie, high-fat foods. The little things that you munch on between meals can make a big difference in the amount of calories you consume daily.

Drink water

Save on sugar and calories that you would be consuming drinking soda, energy drinks and juices, and opt for water instead. Water is a lot better at rehydrating you after physical activity, and it is great for you. It can keep you more energized as you enjoy a busy vacation day.

Watch what you order at restaurants

You're on vacation, so it is completely normal, even encouraged, to indulge a little at restaurants. We all know that we can't eat healthy food 100 percent of the time. That being said, don't make your whole vacation an indulgence. Try to order healthy most of the time, and wait until there is a meal or dessert you really want, or have been looking forward to, to indulge in. Another idea is to share your food with your family and friends. Try ordering two meals, one healthy and the other not so much, and split them with another person. Or, order an indulgent dessert, but share it with a few people.

Pack light things to workout with

If there is no fitness center at your hotel, or you just want more options, packing items to workout with is a great idea. You will save on space and weight if the things you pack are light and compact. Resistance bands and jump ropes are great options because they don't take up too much space and you can use them almost anywhere you go.

Take advantage of hotel gyms

Plan a time to utilize your hotel gym, if it has one, that is not going to get in the way of spending time with your family or friends, such as the early morning or later at night. Swimming a few laps around the hotel pool is another fun way to stay fit while on vacation. Ask your family to join you--it can turn into a fun activity for everyone. Luckily for you, Clarion Suites has both a fitness center and a pool! 

Looking for even more ideas? This article has several more ways you can stay healthy while on vacation. And remember, just because you are going on vacation doesn't mean that you can't stay healthy. One lazy day or slice of cake isn't going to make a huge difference in the long run. By just going on a few more hikes or taking a walk instead of a short car ride, you can fit in exercise without even realizing it! And St. George and Clarion Suites have the tools that you need to stay healthy while on vacation!