Start Your Day Right with a Good Breakfast

Everyone grew up knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s one of those things that people accepted simply because it sounded right, and because of the fact that every adult saying the same thing reinforced the idea. We were all content thinking that this was because the body needed food after starving through the night, but it turns out that isn’t quite true.

Breakfast is still important, but this generation has the benefit of actual scientific support to explain why they need to eat first thing in the morning. Doctors and nutritionists point to several benefits people enjoy when they regularly eat breakfast. But there’s a select group of advantages that get the most lip service--two in particular that people never seem to lose interest in.

Weight control

The most topical, as well as the most misunderstood of the two, is weight control. The confusion comes from people’s assumption that process is another term for weight loss, but this isn’t weight loss. Not even the greatest nutritionist in the world can manage to create a plan that helps people lose weight as they eat.

Doctors needed to spread the word about weight control because there were so many people skipping breakfast to avoid the carbs of the meal. But, instead of losing weight, skipping meals actually causes people to gain weight as it slows their metabolism and holds on to food longer in anticipation of the lack of food. Eating breakfast assures the body that there will always be food, and that it can burn as much as it wants.

Mood improvement

When a body is hungry it doesn’t just go through physical discomfort, it also has an adverse effect on concentration. People who skip breakfast often find it more difficult to stay alert, or maintain a positive attitude. It eventually becomes a detriment to work, and performance suffers, leading to even worse moods. Eating breakfast is the first thing people can take to have a better day, and there isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t want that.

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