Packing Hacks for Road Trips

When you prepare for a vacation or trip of any kind, it's tempting to overpack. It can be easy to get creative about all the various situations you may find yourself in, and you want to have everything you need to get through them. The good news is Clarion Suites St. George has the essentials if you forget toiletries, need a phone charger or want items to freshen your clothes. However, we've packed a few tips of our own to help you get through your trip.

Keep it clean

St. George is a destination spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts. With Zion National Park around the corner and tons of red rock deserts to explore, you're bound to get a little dusty. To keep dirty shoes off the rest of your clothes, wrap them in a shower cap. You can also keep dryer sheets in your luggage to keep your clothes smelling fresh, no matter how much hiking you do.

Smart storage

Whether you're traveling alone or with a big family, saving space is essential. If you're traveling with a group, you're bound to find yourself fiddling with charger cables and other electronics. To keep the cords from tangling, use twist ties to wrap them together and store them in a sunglasses case. You can also use Washi tape to mark each person's phone charger and keep the cables from crossing.

If you love jewelry, you may find yourself packing individual pieces like rings and earrings. One of the best ways to keep jewelry and other small pieces together is with weekly pill containers. If you're especially organized, you can use these containers to plan your outfit for each day. But leave space for more – St. George shopping has a lot of turquoise to offer.

Wear it well

Weather in St. George is pretty predictable. It doesn't rain often in the desert, and you can usually expect warm and sunny weather. So while you won't need to pack a variety of clothes, you may still want to have enough for your stay. To keep all your clothes neatly packed and to prevent wrinkles, roll your clothing instead of folding it. We recommend laying outfits together and rolling them into one section. Belts, for example, fit nicely into collars of shirts and scarves. Socks or other smaller items can easily hide in rolls of pants or shirts.