Getting Fit with Golf

It may be because the only part of the game that matters is the swing, but people never consider golf as a fitness sport. The first activities nutritionists and doctors recommend that people take up are running and swimming. But, with all the runners and swimmers taking all the best spots in parks and pools, the late-bloomers need something new to help them get fit.

Golf for the heart

Golf is the best alternative for such people; there’s a lot of space, not very many people take up the sport and it’s a good way to stay fit. Yes, there are several aspects of golf that can help people get healthier without putting too much strain on the body. In fact, people can benefit from playing golf exactly three ways.

It may not look like it, but golf promotes plenty of cardiovascular activity. An average golf course is spread over several acres of hilly terrain, which is more than an average session with a treadmill can offer. Golfers always have the option of walking or using the golf cart during a round. Unless it’s a tournament, it’s always better to walk instead of ride.

Power and Balance

Another hidden aspect of the game is strength training. Swinging a golf club may not look like much from purely a strength training perspective, but that’s not the only thing people do in golf. In addition to the walking, golfers also need to pull their clubs everywhere they go. Golfers can target their hamstrings and quadriceps when climbing up hills, and carrying the bag itself can help upper body strength.

Cross fit trainers often say that strength is never a priority; the first thing people should focus on is their balance. Golf is all about balance, the quality of the swing depends on the precise motion of the entire upper body, as well as the weight and length of the club. Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve, so people should always take advantage of chances to improve it whenever they can.

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