14 Swimming Pool Safety Tips to Protect Your Child

Every parent must know swimming pool safety rules to protect their children when they are learning to swim. Don’t leave your kid alone near swimming pools! If you need to leave, make sure that someone is watching your child on your behalf. Unattended children near swimming pools can be very dangerous. Here you can find a list of safety tips so that your kids can enjoy swimming. Follow these simple safety tips to protect your children.

  1. Never leave your child unattended in a swimming pool or jacuzzi, and don’t leave them alone near any bodies of water. In the case you are unable to watch, arrange a designated supervisor who can take care of your kids when they are at the swimming pool.
  2. Keep your children away from pipes, pool drains and other things like boreholes, wells, potholes, etc.
  3. Make sure that all swimming pools or jacuzzis uses drain covers that abide with federal standards.
  4. Keep your cell phone close to you if you are also swimming with your children.
  5. If a child is missing, check near the pool or jacuzzi first.
  6. Give your kid some swimming lessons before you take him/her to the swimming pool.
  7. Learn a few basic life saving tips so that you can help in case of pool emergency.
  8. Don’t allow your kids to go night swimming.
  9. Don’t let your children eat or chew gum while swimming. It can be hazardous.
  10. Take your children to the bathroom frequently while swimming and tell them to not swallow the pool water.
  11. Put floatation devices on toddlers and babies.
  12. Don’t leave your kid alone on an inflatable toy.
  13. Don’t allow your children to dive in the pool.
  14. Finally, wash your children with soap and shampoo after they come out from the pool to remove chemicals.

The best way to protect your children is by teaching them swimming pool safety rules and how to alarm others if there is any danger. Teach them all safety rules and how to follow those rules while swimming in a pool.